Sunday, 19 January 2014

King Tutus.

Dress Primark
Shoes Next (Clearance Store)
Necklace New Look
Hat Primark

Last week, I was sitting on eBay ... enjoying a beer, next thing I know ... I own a pink wig. Do not drink and shop, ever. However I got lucky and I love this wig! I've worn it a few times now and everyone loves it and its been a nice change since I can't do anything with my blonde one and since we all know I can't not mess with my hair. Wigs are a great way to make changes without the damage. Its just a cheap one from China but I can straighten it and curl it on low heat so thats good, but I do have to wear a hat because you can see the lining on the scalp, so its a good thing I'm a hat lover. I've been looking at loads since, and I think I'm going to end up buying a few colours! 

Next can we take a moment to look at my ADORABLE wee boots. How awesome are they? They are horrendously ugly, but I bloody love them. I love them even more because they cost me £2 ... yes ... £2! If you have a Next clearance near you and you haven't visited it, GO NOW.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x


  1. I actually love this wig and the fact it can be styled. How much was it? Can you leave a link to the ebay seller please? X


      Thats the link there hon, it cost like £10, which was amazing, but I did have to cut it and style it when it came, it was sooooo long! x

  2. You look fab! Pink definitely suits you xo

  3. Tip: If you can see the cap at the top, use a sharpie (dark brown or black) and go through the hair track by track and shade in the top of the hair so it looks like roots, and use a light brown mascara to darken the cap that you can see so it looks more like scalp. Makes it look more lifelike! And a little bit of dust-it or mattifying powder to soften the 'synthetic shine' so it looks more like hair :)

    If you ever buy wigs from GeishaWigs, use my discount code, you'll get 10% off :) AMIIGEISHA

    Happy wigging! xxx

    1. Omg! Amii thanks thats amazing I will deffinately darken up the tracks! xx