Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tartan Bow.




Top Miss Selfridge
Jeans Topshop
Bow Forever 21
Necklace H&M
Bag Hand Made (Depop: Brantastic_x)
Boots New Look

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Godiva Boutique Edinburgh.



Top Topshop
Skirt River Island
Head Chain Hand Made
Bag Hand Made (Depop: Brantastic_x)
Shoes New Look

Last Wednesday night I was invited over to Edinburgh to visit a wee shop in the city called Godiva Boutique. I'd never been before so I wasn't sure what it was going to be like but its the most adorable little store!

In the front section of the store its all very kitsch and quirky and they have an open floor with a couch and a huge mirror covered in scarfs! I love this layout, it all feels very personal shopper yet still cosy as its open but feels so welcoming that i don't think anyone would be shy about coming out of the fitting room to show of their finds. If you visit the store you will understand what I mean. This is the area where they have all their local designers. I know a lot of Glasgow designers so this was exciting to get to learn about the Edinburgh designers and designers I didn't know about. They have loads of different bits too, clothes, bags, scarfs, purses and some lovely quirky jewellery and accessories.

Moving through to the back of the store you go in to the Vintage section of the store, full of great, very affordable vintage bits. I definitely notice a different in the prices of vintage from Glasgow to Edinburgh and Glasgow is usually more affordable, but Godiva have those Glasgow prices and a brilliant collection of gorgeous vintage dresses!

There was loads of fun things to do at the event, the staff really put so much effort in and had some great ideas, I've enjoyed an event so much in a while. There was demonstrations from Runaway Fox (more on that next) some DIY on how to make your own vintage camera strap from the Godiva girls, lots of amazing cakes and nibbles and a customization station! 

The guys from Runaway Fox gave us a demo on their new Body Casting service, which they came up with while working of their new collection, which you have to watch out for! Lets just say it included a very real looking crab claw necklace and a very creepy pigs snout door knob, all animal friendly though! 
They cast a few of the girls fingers in front of us to show how they do it, it was so cool! They then made the finger casts in to necklaces for the girls.

To find out what the other bloggers thought of the event just search:

Thanks so much to the guys over at Godiva for the invite and hosting a brilliant night! 
I can't wait to pop in the next time I'm in Edinburgh!

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x

Friday, 22 August 2014

Amsterdam Day 3.



Shirt Primark
Top Topshop
Jeans Topshop
Necklace Primark
Sunglasses Vintage
Shoes Primark

Day 3 was just spent enjoying the last of our time in The Dam before we had to head for our flight ... which we almost most.

We basically just enjoyed watching the city go by and had a big pancake breakfast!

I absoloutley loved the city and I would highly recommend it if you are thinking of visiting, it may be the city famous for smoking and Ladies of the Night but its such a beautiful and romantic place.

Theres loads of touristy things to do, amazing galleries and mueseums, a variety of flea markets, tons of resteraunts and great shopping to!

I will deffinately be back!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Amsterdam Day 2.


 Playsuit Miss Selfridge
Hat Urban Outfitters
Bag H&M
(PJs Primark)

I got up early on Saturday morning and headed in to the city by myself to visit one of the flea markets! It was an absolute dream! Piles ans piles of clothes and fabrics everywhere, it was just a matter of diving in and having a good rummage about, which I did, for about 2 hours. I ended up with a ton of vintage stuff! 4 Dresses, 1 hand made tartan coat, 2 shirts, 2 meters of perfect white lace, one pastel scarf and a waterproof bike sheet all about £9. Unbelievable.

Once I met the rest of the group we done the canal tour around the city, I loved it, its amazing just to see all the different building and thousands of houseboats along the canals. I could see myself living in one of those house boats.

Then at night we headed to the Ice Bar and had a few ... OK a lot of drinks. We ended up heading back to our hotel on a rickshaw which was hysterical ... even better they let us stop for food on the way.

The Perfect Saturday.

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Amsterdam Day 1.


Shirt Topshop
Necklace H&M
Bag H&M
Turban Vintage 

Day one in Amsterdam involved Lots of exploring, I was definitely one of those annoying tourists stopping every 2 minuets for photos, but I can't help it. I am an architecture nerd and Amsterdam is like Architecture heaven. The buildings are incredible, most houses also have huge windows that you can't help but peek in to, I tried not to snoop, but I couldn't help it. 

So we mainly floated around the city making plans about all the things we wanted to see, but I'm all honesty we spent most of the night hunting the coffee shops. Smoking isn't my thing at all but I definitely wanted to see what it was all about. When in Rome and that. I was surprised with them as I expected coffee shops to be like cafes but that you could smoke in, but they're not, they are a different thing entirely. Its also hard to find a coffee shop that you can drink in, because well, its just not the done thing there to have a smoke and drink. The best coffee shop we managed to find was called LOST. It was great because you could drink, smoke and have flavoured water pipes. So there was something for everyone as in our group not everyone was smoking, not everyone was drinking so this was the best option.

Before heading back to our hotel we had a quick nip into the Red Light District ... I have nothing to say other than go see it for yourself ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x